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Stunning. Absolutely stunning. That's the only way I can describe it. Standard setlist, and it seems like "Love Science" might be back in the set on a regular basis. WWE was on the setlist after JOV, but it wasn't played.

Todd was having some major problems with the old warhorse guitar. When he went to play his solo on "Buffalo Grass", it simply didn't work, so Jesse took the solo. It dropped out once or twice later in the set, and if I recall correctly, he didn't play it the rest of the night. (He played other guitars instead.)

Kas played the main riff from "The Seven Rays" during his solo in "Synthesize", which seemed to amuse Todd a great deal.

I didn't see anybody walking out, and there was no yelling for old songs. The songs from "Liars" were incredible live. Todd should go back into the studio and record the album again with this band. :)

If you're on the fence, GO SEE THIS SHOW.

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4/30/2004 - American Music Theatre - Lancaster, PA

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