Review of the Downtown, Farmingdale

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What a difference an audience can make! The Liars show SMOKED at the Downtown, and it wasn't even in its full-production mode. The sound was fantastic. The energy was incredible. Read my other review of the Westhampton Beach show. The crowd made all the difference! There were even MORE songs dropped from the list for the Farmingdale show, but still, it was better.

Some still approach these shows expecting to hear the TR from 30 years ago. Living, breathing things change. If they don't, they die. This applies to bodies, organizations, as well as musicians/bands. Todd Rundgren was doing material from his earlier albums when they were current. He's changed. Either let go, and enjoy the change, or hold on and be dragged.

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4/28/2004 - The Downtown - Farmingdale, NY

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