'Downtown' Farmingdale NY

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Ok .....Let me say this, I've been a Ted/Tedtopia fan for 30 years. I've seen just about every type of show he's put together. For the Old Long Island Fans....remember these Venues? Calderon? My Fathers Place? Northstage Theater? Commack Arena? Belmont Race Track? Westbury Music Fair? Nassau Coliseum?.....Hey gang did I forget any? Anyway I digress.........Ted is back with a vengeance.....The new material is as creative as Ted can be...The concept, The sound, everything is pure "Wizard"

Ok now the review of the Show. Well first I was informed that the band wasn't doing a full production because of some Technical issues. i.e.. club like setting, low ceilings, and he did The Letterman show before he did the Downtown so the production was split up. Ya know what? NO BODY CARED...Instead we got to see Ted in a small venue..intimate and totally ON!! The Opening Song "truth" was so progressive and so moving that entire crowd was reeled right in from the first 30 seconds of the song. I know I was. From that point on The band played a good amount of songs from Liars. Each of them had a new and fresh Ted sound..sorry I don't remember each song but I enjoyed everyone ..and I have to tell you so did the crowd. The crowd was filled with Quite a few of Long Island musicians me being one them..very critical crew. anyway again I digress. One thing I didn't need was Ted doing The Beatles "while my guitar gently weeps" We didn't need that..We needed maybe "Can't stop running" or "Trapped" Ok so I like to hear Ted play Ted..As the show progressed and the last tune was played, the crowd was excited and satisfied. But the best is yet to come! The Two encores were like seeing and hearing your best friend after twenty years....and all it does is put a HUGE Friggen smile on your face and a warm sensation in the pit of your stomach! Well "Hello it's me" and "Just one victory" were the old friends. The Place went nuts and every body was singing every word!!! Like and old frat House ....Well gang...I thought is was a great show. If your a fan...DON'T MISS IT!!!! Pick up the CD too...

I remain.........."just another Onion Head" Yipes!!!!!!!!!

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4/28/2004 - The Downtown - Farmingdale, NY

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