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Anyone who goes to a Todd show expecting to hear songs “from his first three albums” doesn’t get it and deserves to be locked in a room with ”Bang The Drum” playing over and over again. Todd and crew were having a blast and cranking out some rocking tunes, much to the pleasure of the packed crowd at The Downtown in Farmingdale (a GREAT venue, btw). Todd once said that likes to push himself on stage to the point where he thinks he’d going to drop dead there and then, and last night was no exception. The passion he put into “Liar” and the other songs from the new album, as well as into “Just One Victory” and “Born To Synthesize” – two songs that were written decades ago but have just as meaning today as they did back then. If anything, as I get older and a little wiser I have come to the conclusion that these songs are MORE meaningful – they certainly are to Todd, as he put everything he had into the performance.

Let’s face it, folks, he’s not climbing pyramids any more. But he is just as relevant and important in my life today than he was in 1973 – and he did it marching to his own beat. Not only that, but he has had the last laugh on the record industry, as they are struggling now to figure out how to do what he told them to do ten years ago.

Todd was great tonight. If that makes me just another onionhead, so be it.

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4/28/2004 - The Downtown - Farmingdale, NY

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