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"Wow" were do I start...
This show is going to go down as the most different show of the whole tour. No costume changes, no special stage lighting, no fancy wardrobe. But one hell of an amazing show.

First off the venue "the downtown" is a reincarnation of the famous NY bar "the bottom line" The sound system is amazing. Only problem is the stages ceiling was too low for the crew to set up the lighting truss. but the venues lighting was top notch and did enhance the show.

Todd never did any solo material so the band never changed into the soul brothers outfits. And never took a break. 2 hr. plus of pure energy and fun.

What we did get this night was Todd doing a show with tons of heart and a mega amount of talent. Any one who saw the RA shows know how much fun it was to see utopia. tons of energy. A tight as hell band and great music.

Well, Todd is doing it again.

Todd and Kasim and Jesse and Prairie and John were in a great mood. And they played like they were. sorry I have no set list but I do have great memories of a great show. This is one of the top shows I've seen in the last 30 years.

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4/28/2004 - The Downtown - Farmingdale, NY

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