The Downtown show

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I was venting when i got home from the show the other night.I idn't think that what i wrote would be printed.With that said,i thought the show was horrible with a few minor exceptions.The jam during born to synthesize was really good and Just One Victory bought back a lot of fond memories.Other than that i took exception to the set list.Yes,i was the one who yelled Sunset Boulevard really loud,i'm sick of people kissing this guys ass.Comments like "that was one of the best shows i saw him do in 30 years" are ridiculous.Are you deaf and blind? I love Todd and have seen him with Utopia a nd by himself going back to the adventures in Utopia tour.This was one of the WORST shows ive seen him do.The volume was way to loud and you could hardly hear him sing.And if i never hear Facist Christ again,i'll be very happy.

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4/28/2004 - The Downtown - Farmingdale, NY

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