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A couple of notes on Tuesday's show:

An unexpected highlight was the backing quartet's version of "Green Onions." Of course Kaz and Prairie can lay down a groove, but John really surprised me with his tasty soloing, and he did it with traditional keyboard sounds - like Booker T. Jones used to do it. Then there's Jesse. He absolutely gave a clinic on the song. He'd play a phrase and I'd think, "well, I've never heard anything like THAT before, but it was just perfect."

Unlike another reviewer, I love the reworking of "Born to Synthesize," and I suspect that Todd does too. He's taken the signature piece of his unfortunate youthful foray into (cringe) "progressive," and parodied it by arranging it as a Vegas lounge swing extravaganza. His self-deprecating humor has always been one of his greatest assets, as has his eye for satire, and to turn it on himself is priceless. We should all snicker at ourselves more often.

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4/27/2004 - GW Lisner Auditorium - Washington, DC

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