DC - Lisner Auditorium, 4/27/04

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Headed to DC on a blustery day in April to catch the Liars show. I had been looking forward to this show for months and was not disappointed. It was so great to see TR with a band again, and what a band it was! Everything about it was fantastic; the lights, the sound and the costumes. Todd seemed to be having a great time and really let loose on the dance moves. He didn't play guitar much, but when he did he WAILED!! I thought his singing was right on and the mix was pretty good, also.

At one point, Todd said that they were "feeling bold" and were going to "do a song that they haven't done on the tour." They broke into "Love Science" and it was GREAT! Obviously, whatever problems they were having with that song in the beginning of the tour are long gone.

We were a small crowd but, for the most part, an appreciative one. I did see some people leave during the first half and can only guess, like has been stated in other reviews, that these were the people who haven't gotten out of the "Hello, It's Me" /"Bang on the Drum" eras. Too bad for them; they don't know what they're missing (and, sadly, probably never will).

I will post some pictures in the next week. These are the very ones that the security guy came over and said if I used my flash anymore, he was going to take my film. Needless to say, I didn't use it anymore. I was satisfied; I had already taken 21 pictures at this point. As you can see, he was right on top of it!!

What are you waiting for; get out and see this show!!!!

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4/27/2004 - GW Lisner Auditorium - Washington, DC

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