Lisner in D.C., 4/27

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Todd ROCKS! He croons, he swings, he "preaches", he gets funky - but mostly, he F%#@*ing ROCKS !

If you're on the fence about it, don't wait a minute longer - GET YOUR TICKETS NOW. All you diehard Utopia fans, the dreamy-Todd fans, the sweet-soul-Todd fans - he's all there on stage for you this tour. And more. Ever the romantic, ever the axe-man warrior, ever the high-concept techno wizard, ever the charismatic chameleon leading a small cohesive band of brothers - oh the band, the band, the band they're great!

I thought for a moment during the encore that I was transported back to 1974 - EVERYONE in the auditorium on our feet, clapping in time and singing to "Just One Victory" - most of us mid-life geezers in suits, ties, stockings, and heels having come from work on a Tuesday evening to convene - to bear witness - to testify - to laud - to represent like Patti Smith says in a new song, a "jubilee".

And just to get grounded here for a moment the new CD "Liars" is wonderful. He has NOT been lounging around sipping tea these past twelve months. If you can't see the show, get the disc.

Lancaster, Philly, here I come!

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4/27/2004 - GW Lisner Auditorium - Washington, DC

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