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A few notes on the Washington, D.C. Liars show...

People who leave the show during the first half are making a mistake. The first half is devoted to louder, more intense stuff (Liar, ISP, Buffalo Grass, Mammon) while the second half is funnier, jazzier and softer (Past, Feel It, Soul Brother, Born to Synthesize).

The entire set is illuminated by LEDs. Not an incandescent light in the house. The performers stand in front of LED panels that produce incredible color effects.

I suspect that this system is from Color Kinetics which holds patents on color-changing LEDs and is famous for unusual architectural applications of the technology. (You can even find their color LED gizmos, called CKSauce, at Toys R Us if you look really hard.)

The band did not play my favorite tunes from Liars (Stood Up, Future, Flaw, Happy Anniversary) and I still thought this was one of the best and most powerful TR concerts I've seen in 30 years as a fan.

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4/27/2004 - GW Lisner Auditorium - Washington, DC

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