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I treated five folks to the show at Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University (GW) last night. This included, Aimee, Eric and Tim (Ted show veterans), my wife Anna (a recent convert), and newbie, Mike K. They all enjoyed the show very much. The last time I dropped money into GW’s pockets was for a very expensive and somewhat useless Graduate Degree, so it was great to get something back!

It was a good move to listen to the Liars CD in advance. It took about three runs through, before “I saw the Light”. It was a mistake to read all of the prior reviews. I was looking for his shot vocal chords. He did a good job glossing over them and having fun.

The lights and sounds were a spectacle. The band was in great form. The sound was good. Seemed to be a few new songs on a great set list. Yes, he did Hello its Me, but the rest was for the faithful.

The first half of the show was basically a full frontal assault organized Religion. Hot topic, gets you thinking a bit. He said it was hard to get people to “attend to service” on a Tuesday night.

A very convincing Trent Reznor mug during Liars. As always, his Rock Star lead guitar power grimaces.

My wife, the recent convert, kept giggling when Ted went off on his soulful voice embellishments. She then commented that Prairie Prince “looked like a truck driver”. . But then went on to claim Ted looked at her. I was deeply offended. This is serous talent here, not some guys having a good time. I am diffidently taking a date next Ted show!

Ted was in a great mood and made comments about the local political incumbents, which drew some cheers from a traditionally liberal town.

Great jams, great drumming and great costumes…..I am still Faithful! I would see the show again in a heartbeat.

If you do not own the Liars CD and you are reading this… got no soul brother

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4/27/2004 - GW Lisner Auditorium - Washington, DC

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