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ok..let me begin by saying....the"sound check" that seemed to be taking place in milwaukee and the 1st of the 2 nights in chicago is definetly done...this is a concert now....any todd fan who has been on board for any amount of time will see this show as nothing short of a true todd show... so all of you folks who whined about seeing either of them shows...all i can say is next time take a day trip to see the country and go see todd atleast a week into his tour next time...todd is no different then anyone else who tours...the 1st few shows are generally glorified soundchecks we get charged to witness...well sound check is over and the band has found it's groove...and groove they did...the funny part of last nights show for me was when todd did "fascist christ"..the couple sitting next to me said "holy shit...todd does rap now"..let's leave before it gets any worse"..guess they never picked up thier copy of n.w.o. ...well they left before he actually finished the 1st 1/2 of the show..guess todd didn't do "hello it's me" early enough for them...thier loss...my room gain...ok..the place was sold out..good for our hero..the bad was tight..the sound was good..only a few moments when our hero's vocals could've been turned up a notch...his voice was good considering he mentioned "the good thing about being on the road is you catch every microbe known to man"..he was a bit raspy..nothing major..shit he didn't sound like peter brady or anything...just cords that were a bit scratchy..the set list was the same one he has been using..sans "love science"..and "world wide..."..both have seemed to find themselves out of the set for the time being...the jam of "green onions" was a nice groove while todd changed....and the 2nd set was a real treat for true todd fans..every tune done with true todd style and emotion...and when "just one victory" was presented..holy utopia batman...the place went nuts..as expexted...and gave myself and anyone with a pusle a flashback to the days of old..kaz wore a smile a mile wide..he must've been having the same moment most of us were having...lol..i am looking forward to seeing our hero at the downtown in farmingdale..venue kinda blows...well it really blows...but this todd show should be fine..a bit cramped up there with the stage design..but we shall see...so...for all of you holding tickets...your going to love this gig..for all of you waiting to get dates in your corner of the world..like the west coast..it is well worth the wait...so test your patience..and play the waitng game..lol..it is a reward well worth the wait....see you all wednesday night.....thanx todd for a great piece of music in "liars"...and a great tour and show..!!!!....p.s...the new music sounds great presented live.......go buy it....go see it...!!!!!!..........

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4/25/2004 - Performing Arts Center - Westhampton Beach, NY

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