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What an incredible evening.

The place is pretty small,but for the benefit they had it crammed with as many tables,chairs and bar stools they could get in. They had a list of names and seat numbers. Even the barstools in the aisles were assigned seating. They were very organized.

I sat with the best folks. Some I haven't seen in years. We had some cocktails and dinner then Todd walks on the stage. He sat at the piano,and to our delight did a few songs.

Someone please correct me on the order and what I forgot.

"I saw the light","It wouldn't have made any difference","Song of the Viking ", "Too far gone" and "Compassion". I really suck at the details. I'm just so in the moment. But lots of folks were writing everything down.

Then Todd explained the show,"Up Against It" and how it came about. He explained that it made no sense. He was his very witty self. Lots of chuckles. He introduced the cast for the evening.

Kasim was playing Christopher Low. Joe Jackson was, Father Brodie.

The cast were Spectacular.

Kasim was just so perfect up there. I love his voice. He could very easily do theatre. Who Knows?

After the show I saw Kasim and Todd in the back hall for a few minutes. I had them sign the picture of "The Liars" from Kasim's site that Jeff took. There were drinks an desserts floating around as well as the Cast. I didn't see Kaz mingling,but Todd was out amongst us for a very long time. He was in the best mood I've ever seen him in.

I've had the best weekend.

All I keep thinking is "I LOVE MY LIFE"

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4/24/2004 - Joe's Pub - New York, NY

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