4/23 at Red Bank

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Great show overall as Todd is passionate about his message this time around with the new "Liars" material. By all means, pick up the CD and become familiar with it before going to see this show. You will enjoy it much more.

Having said that, I must agree with the prior reviewer about the sound. I was right of stage, and the mix was piercing to the ears. Too loud on the high end and it was painful at times.

Todd's voice is melting a bit as he sings in a scream a great deal of the time. He left the stage frequently while the band was playing, presumably to get something to soothe his throat. By the end of the show, his voice was pretty shot and he was coughing during "Just One Victory". However, he did not let that slow him down. By the end of the show, many fans were front of stage and he was clasping many hands. He seemed to be in a really good mood.

I am going to see the solo gig tonight at Joe's Pub, and will place another review. It will be interesting to see what he does solo.

Todd speaks the Truth!

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4/23/2004 - Count Basie Theatre - Red Bank, NJ

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