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I was so excited about this show, having read the previews and reviews from the concerts prior. I have LIARS and personally, think it's Todd's best work in 10 years!!!! I was totally blown away. I agree with Mike about the sound system. Believe it or not, I too was sitting in the 8th row, left side directly by the sound system. It was very loud. It didn't matter once I went up to the front.

Todd looks and sounds better than he has in years. It seems to me that he has lost weight. My favorite song(s) of the night were Liars, Past, Sweet, and of course Just One Victory. It took me back to my teenage years. I don't think Todd has played that in over 20 years.

Well, here's the kicker -- I have met Todd on a number of occasions and have just been blown away by his presence. Each and every time I meet him, I manage to say something utterly ridiculous. Well, last night was the kicker!!!! After, the show, some friends and I went around the corner to an Italian Restaurant/Bar and were just hanging out in the bar talking Todd with others from the concert. All of sudden, my friend says Look who's here! I turned around and at the door was my Idol!!! I actually began crying and was in total awe of him. That's when I said it --- I walked up to him and said "May I?" while grabbing his hand and giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek. He kind of giggled and was ushered upstairs to have a private dinner. Well, if only I could go back and say "Hey, Todd, great show!!! Love the new album!" But no I turned into a "melting teenager" again. I am 44 years old, married with 3 kids - this isn't supposed to happen any more.

Everyone - you must see this show. Todd's best in many years. The CD is great. I had an absolute wonderful night.

I'll be waiting for the next tour. See this show!!

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