Liars @ Red Bank

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Todd and the Liars were fantastic. The wizard does it again. Great album, cutting edge technology, cool stage, fine voice. My favorite for the evening was God Said. Mammon and Liar shook the house and Just One Victory closed it nicely. It was great to see Todd with a band and stage show again. Don't miss this tour, it kicks!!


I have been attending Todd shows regularly since '76. I'd say that audience is respectful towards the artist and generally well behaved. I sat in row T. I got to see 2 shows, the Liars and the idiots. I just don't get it, why the hell cant these so called adults stay seated, shut up and enjoy the show, yea I like to get up to dance to some numbers with the rest of the fans but this was different, disrespectful BS!! Just try and ignore the idiots if they happen to attend your show.


I heard there was a fight; one of the idiots punched a friend (?) In the face. What the F.


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4/23/2004 - Count Basie Theatre - Red Bank, NJ

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