Red Bank concert

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I purchased my tickets for this concert on November 3, 2003 to ensure the best seats in the house.

I was sitting front row center with my best friend of 34 years at a Ted concert what could be better.

Five and a half months of anticipation


if that wasn't bad enough the people in the row behind us were TALKING WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT THAT COULDNT HAVE WAITED TILL AFTER THE CONCERT.

For those of you unfamiliar Red Bank is a very Upscale town and the Count Bassie Theatre always has high class entertainment so don't ask me where in the heck these people were from.

Aside from the above I loved seeing Ted upfront and performing

I'll tell you the drunk did not have a girlfriend with him surprise surprise This girl ran to the stage and wanted to stand in front of him and he kept asking her to move well she wound up like she was getting ready to pitch the bottom half of the ninth inning and punched him BAM! I want her on my team it was quit the whallop! I felt like doing that from the beginning of the show.

page 2 thank god we also have tickets for joe's pub

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4/23/2004 - Count Basie Theatre - Red Bank, NJ

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