Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank,NJ

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Well the show was a great one but it turned into the Jerry Springer show for a few moments. Todd and the Liars were just getting into "Want of a Nail" and I and others rushed to the stage and went into our Todd shuffles. I'd say there were at least 100 of us down there. It was exciting to be part of the 'group' The mood was good until this poor lady fell in front of me holding her face. I went to pick her up and notice that she was bleeding from the right side of her face and her eye was pretty messed up. As we got her to her feet and put her in a chair I turned around and saw this man being held by two men and I realized that this man was the one who was getting loaded during the concert and was the one who punched her in the face. I said to him,' why the hell did you hit her for'?. He stated that it was his girlfriend and that she hit him first! That sounds like a good reason.. a good reason for a jackass! So I tried to tell him its bad enough hitting someone but hitting a lady is just not right! They, I and others waved on the security people to help out because it was hard holding him down. Security came over (about 5 of them) and wrestled with the guy; he obviously didn't want to leave. Another lady fell down while they were taking him out, we picked her up and before the song was over the "Unlove Children Man" was pulled from the audience. Latter on I talked to a few woman behind this ruckus it appeared that this intoxicated man was trying to make advances to this lady that he didn't know during the concert and the Neanderthal came out of him(with of course the 'demon alcohol' ) and he decided to take things into his own hands to say the least. It was the saddest moment that I've seen in all of my Todd Rundgren concerts that I have gone to. The people at Count Basie should have not allowed this man to drink so much at the concert; they should have stopped him after his first round. (He did act up a few times during the concert and the security told him that he couldn't place his drinks on the stage etc...)

So on a better note; Todd was in rare form and I liked the 'techno' look of the stage set. The band is awesome and its a must for any fan to go see. I did manage it get the song list from the stage. Thanks to the guy who handed it to me. I met some nice people too!. A guy name 'Goat' who's Kasim's internet site manager, he took some pictures of the song set lists and said that he will post them on Kasim's internet site for all to see. I and Don another Todd fan waited to see Todd and the band for about a half hour but we didn't' have the VIP passes. It was fun though talking to Kasim's brother, and Jesse Gress's parents, brother and his brothers wife. They were all very proud people and it was nice to see that it was a family atmosphere... that is that these artists have the support and love from their families.

For those who are in the Long Beach, NJ area, visit Don's Greenhouse Cafe in Ship Bottom,NJ You can drink some coffee and listen to Todd.

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4/23/2004 - Count Basie Theatre - Red Bank, NJ

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