Count Basie Theater, Red Bank NJ

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I was thrilled when I learned that Todd would be performing at this venue which is very close to home. A nice, old theater located downtown with a full house of Todd fans. What I thought would be a fun night, turned into a most memorable evening.

Me, Shelle and Greg were the first to check-in for the vip list. We received our passes and went to a local pub for a few cocktails, then returned for the pre-show social with the band. Jesse was mingling with everyone, then Todd came out. It was a brief gathering, he was signing cd's, Shelle's bunny ears, and posing for pictures. He then left to get dressed for the show, only to return immediately announcing that he forgot to draw a number to determine the winner for the stage side seating for the show. He picked a number, it was #3, I guessed it and won!

We had a little time before the show was to start, so we went out to the lobby to hang around. It was great to hook up with Kleingeld, Tapeworm and Kurt. They're nice guys and we all had a picture taken together.

It was time to hit the stage. My friend Shelle came along as my guest and the guys backstage hooked us up with bottled water and chairs along side John Ferenzik. We chatted with Todd's tour and stage manager Steve, and could hear Todd woo hoo-ing from the dressing area. It was really cool to be back there and see what goes on behind the scenes.

We were told that the sound wouldn't be good, and it wasn't, but we enjoyed the whole experience. I have a few pictures to post; many of them didn't come out because my camera fell off my chair at one point and it didn't work after that.

Looking forward to the Peekskill show next Saturday!

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4/23/2004 - Count Basie Theatre - Red Bank, NJ

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