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I've been to countless Todd/Utopia shows since 1978 and I have to agree with mike's observation. I can't imagine someone seeing Todd for the first time and and enjoying this show. I do believe Todd made a comment after Truth about the sound system lacking. Either way I could sing along with all the songs so I enjoyed myself.

As far as understanding the words to the new songs....I actually had to play the cd at least 5 times before the lyrics started clearing up. So anybody hearing these songs for the first time had no chance of deciphering the lyrics.

The individual musicians are all outstanding in their field and put on an excellent performance. It would have been nice if the indivdual stages moved forward at different times. I believe the uninitiated became bored with the set up.

The lighting concept was spectacular and Todd deserves cudos there. If people walked away unsatisfied I'd recommend catching another show during the tour. I believe Todd would be redeemed.

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4/23/2004 - Count Basie Theatre - Red Bank, NJ

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