Turning Stone 4/22/04

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Ive gotta say that I was a bit scared to go to this show, after reading some of the reviews of previous stops in the tour. But, I felt the same way last year before my sons and I road out to Boston to see Todd solo. That was a great show and this was even better.

It was a full family gig for us, my three teenage sons, the daughter who acts like a teenager and my wife. I owed her this one for having her stay home last summer instead of going to Boston. I think Im off the hook for that one...big time!

Her reaction was much like mine, at first we must get used to the fact that were all older. You look around and see the faces and are a little surprised. Then you realize, we were all the same age, and a lot younger then, when we saw Todd 20 - 25 years ago. Before you know it -- there he is and hes rocking. And HE rocked the hell out of that casino. Great place to see a show, by the way.

I like the new album a lot better live than in the car. For some reason, I could appreciate Todds song writing on LIARS better when hes right in front of me. The mix was great, his voice was fine. All of the vocal nuances that we recognize make a Todd song A TODD SONG were there. The band was quite tight and hot. Would love to see more of Kasim. But, his bass still drives.

My highlights were the opener TRUTH, the driving MAMMON, the equally hard driving LIAR and the whole second half of the show. Somebody should send Mark Geragos a copy of SOUL BROTHER before the Jackson trial begins. PAST and SWEET were great. WANT OF A NAIL is a fine finisher and reminded me...this was a featured tune in one of the sleeper movie hits (CAMP) of the recent past. When others find his music and use it...the army gets validated a little.

Someone noted a lack of guitar work. After the solo tour, anything on the great green guitar was welcome. In fact, the true faithful were charged up any time he reached for the guitar and went wild during WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS and the finale.

Which brings me to the ending. It is well worth the price of admission and any distance traveled to see and hear Todd Rundgren, with back up, play JUST ONE VICTORY. It actually is emotion. How can that be at our age? How can we still get this great rush, knowing whats coming next, as he steps to the front of a stage to play the solo at the end of JUST ONE VICTORY? God, Im glad we do and that he still does it for us!

And I am so grateful that this gets shared with my kids, who are now as big a set of fans as I am. Even the 8 year old girl, who was hoping to hear HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. That the 8 year olds are pulling favorites off LIARS is testimony to the music.

Go see the show if you can. Hes still so worth it. And Todd, make us proud on Letterman...the army always welcomes new recruits.

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4/22/2004 - Turning Stone Casino - Verona, NY

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