Todd and the Liars, Turning Stone Casino, Verona, N.Y. 4-22-04

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I decided to miss the last solo tour because I was fed up with Todd's lackadaisical attitude regarding playing live. Something told me I should go to see this tour and I sure am glad I did.

This show kicked serious butt!

The Staging & Lighting, The Costumes, The Performance! All first rate Todd Stuff! The Sound was fantastic; a real tight sounding room really allowed the top-notch mix to shine. Todd was in pretty good voice considering the reports of rough vocals a few days ago. There is not much guitar playing by OH on this tour but I am thinking that at this stage of the game that might be the best way for Todd to go about his business.

The best songs of the night for me were Buffalo Grass, Unloved Children, Feel it, Truth, God Said, but the real the kicker was SWEET! Just really Sweet stuff Todd, way to bring the house down. As TR stated during "Sweet" while getting mobbed by front row fans wanting to shake his hand, "we've got a Chippendales thing going on".

There were some technical issues but they didn't detract from the overall positive vibe of the show. The synth tracks sounded like they were skipping or pulsing a couple of times and Prairie was having some monitor issues. The whole band was on in ears and seemed to still be working out their mixes.

I bought the new disc in England a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed some of the songs but live they are different animals, Just really great stuff.

I cannot say loudly enough, SEE THIS SHOW! You won't regret it.

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4/22/2004 - Turning Stone Casino - Verona, NY

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