Thursday, April 22, Turning Stone Casino

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Wow! I have been reading the reviews and looking at the pictures, but they did not prepare me for the show. This is Todd Rundgren doing a show that is up to the glitter and shine of the early utopia shows. Remember the giant pyramid? Well, the stage set this time around is so magical and fun.

This is a class act with excellent musicianship and incredible material. The new CD, Liars, is also incredible. The most beautiful, flowing, and utterly conscious music. I heard Mammon, Truth, Liars for the first time live. I always know that the song will be one of my favorites if I love it the first time hearing it.

All of these songs are so powerful. And they rock. And they flow. John Ferenzik does a great job with the keyboards throughout the night. Kasim and Jesse fill in on their own keyboards. 'Liars" is full of keyboards.

And the bass lines!! Kasim does them justice and then some. And that preacher outfit. (the only man who could ever teach me, was the son of a preacher man) how hot is that?! Jesse Gresse is one mean guitar player and keeps it coming hot and heavy.

Prairie prince on drums. Royalty in the house. Rock royalty. Banging the drums. Summing it upů this is one hot band.

Todd is beautiful tonight. The platform boots and the buckled t-shirt in the first part of show were part of an awesome ensemble. And the voice. It was excellent tonight. Todd was generous, clasping hands, pacing the stage, coming to visit each part of the room throughout the show.

It is a great venue. My only complaint is that they are so slow letting people in, and were unprepared for the volume. Because the show started 15 minutes after designated time, and not everyone was in yet, although they had been standing in line for over half hour. I paid $45 for a ticket, and that seemed disrespectful. Liars!

Back to the show! My first time hearing beloved infidel live. One of my favorite Todd songs. And it was wonderful to hear.

Then he launched into 'Lunatic fringe" . this was when the girl rushed onto the stage and the road manager had to hustle her away. I was frightened for Todd, because he was so caught up in the song, that he didn't see her just behind him. Luckily she hadn't touched him before the manager acted good and fast and moved her away.

I thought that was funny. Lunatic fringe. And she jumps up there.

The rest of the show was very awesome. Wanted to dance so many times, but standing in the aisles and at your seat was forbidden. Oh well, at this time of life, it is necessary to sit down for part of the show. After all, I do stand all day when at work.

Did I mention how beautiful and wonderful todd was? Kasim too. So good to see him with Todd again.

I hope to see them again soon. I wish I could see them twice a week for a year.! Oh well, we takes whats we gets. Thanks god they aren't playing giant stadiums !!!!!

And we loved whats we gots at this show. Thanks so much guys. We love you!

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4/22/2004 - Turning Stone Casino - Verona, NY

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