Turning Stone Casino April 22, 2004

Review by Jim Lawrence (Switch to

Set list was:
Truth (Liars)
Buffalo Grass (One Long Year)
Mammon (Liars)
Fascist Christ (No World Order)
I Hate My Frickin' ISP  (One Long Year)
Unloved Children  (Nearly Human)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps  (they forgot to turn up the lead guitarist!)
God Said  (Liars)
Liar  (Liars)

Solo Todd: Beloved Infidel (Individualist) Lunatic Fringe

Soul Brother (Liars) Sweet (Liars) Past (Liars) Born to Synthesize (swing version) Feel It - (Nearly Human) For the Want of a Nail (Nearly Human) ---------------- Encores: Hello It's Me Just One Victory =========================

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4/22/2004 - Turning Stone Casino - Verona, NY

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