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It was a bit cold outside as we waited for the doors to open at The Water Street Music Hall. The emphasis on the tickets was that the doors would open at 6:30 Sharp and the show would start at 7:30 Sharp. Todd veterans new better and braved the cold a little longer than we had hoped too. Water Street is a pretty cool venue to see a concert in, it has the feel of a smaller version of The old Ritz in New York City. The crowd was diverse, not surprising since this was Todd‚s first trip to Rochester since October 31, 1983. Our hero arrived onstage at around 8 p.m and proceeded to blow the crowd away. His voice was not in top form but with an amazing backing band in tow it really didn‚t matter. The set list was the same as reported from previous shows minus Love Science and Worldwide Epiphany ( he may have omitted WWE because a string broke on foamy at the end of JOV.) This was show # 60 for me and I would have to put it in the top five Todd shows I have seen. The only song that seemed to fall flat was Temporary Sanity and that was because the chorus was flat. Otherwise the band was having a good time and playing their hearts out. The song "Liar" is a show stopper. A few people lamented the lack of "oldies" but this is Todd at his best. He sounds like the musician we all fell in love with, fresh ! Who cares that we won‚t see the 20th version of "Love of The Common Man‚ AND "Cliché" . "Can We Still Be Friends" is gone, but "Past" is a superior ballad anyway. Todd showed a great deal of class, as did all the band members. They took time to mingle with fans afterward minus the arrogant rockstar egos. During the show Todd even took the time to shake hands with a gentleman in a wheelchair ( It almost looked as if he was about to crowd surf) Kasim even joked with my 10 year old son during and after the show. ( He was getting a bit tired during the show and Kaz threw a pic at him, after the show he played thumb wars with him and joked " Your Dad missed part of the show looking for that guitar pic didn‚t he") Jesse took the time pre-show to have some pictures taken with my kids ( he likes Jesse because he wears Chuck Taylors!).

In Summary. Great Show! Class Act ! Great Time !

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4/20/2004 - Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY

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