Rochester Show 4/20/04

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It's been awhile since I had the pleasure of enjoying a TR show and let me start this review out by saying a million thanks to my good friend John Golba (a drummer, business owner, and huge Todd fan from the Niagara area) for securing a ticket for me to this show and turning me on to "Liars" Todd's newest CD.

The lights went down and the old familiar pins and needles ran through me as I anticipated the performers entrance. Before I knew it I was obliterated with lights and sound, a collage of in your face techno jazz rock (or some hybrid therein) done by one of the most unique singer/songwriters of any era, Todd Rundgren. The intimate bar setting at the Water Street Music Hall was extremely appropriate and easily handled the well done, but not overdone, stage show, featuring state of the art lighting and sound, outlandish costumes, a very well rounded seasoned band, and of course the mighty vocal stylings of Todd Rundgren himself. Although Todd admitted struggling somewhat with his voice (due to a cold or something) the edginess in his voice seemed to add even more to the fire and easily apparent commitment he has to his lyrics.

We ended up standing slightly stage left behind three sisters (who ended up being very good friends of Bassist extraordinaire Kasim Sultan) and I found myself thankful that guitar picks were not Ninja Stars as Kas began hurling some of his picks at the girls trying to give them as many as he could, as they bounced off of my head and chest, lol. What a great time. Catch the show it is really something special.

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4/20/2004 - Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY

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