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Todd and crew put on a fun show. The stage setup, lighting, and wardrobe were all pretty cool. Todd was unfortunately reeling from some sort of cold that was whacking his throat. And though his vocals suffered somewhat, I was really impressed with how hard he worked to hit the notes - an "A" for effort. I was also impressed with Todd's overall energy. You wouldn't think he's 55. Damn, that make me...never mind.

The song list is as follows. I got 'em all, but I'm not sure about the song Kasim sang lead on.

Buffalo Grass
Fascist Christ
I Hate My Friggin' ISP
Unloved Children
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Temporary Sanity
God Said
Beloved Infidel (Todd solo on electric)
Lunatic Fringe (Todd solo on electric)
Best Way? (Kasim sang lead while Todd changed off-stage)
Soul Brother
Hit Me Like a Train
Born To Synthesize
Feel It
Want Of A Nail
Hello, It's Me
Just One Victory
It was a good mix, and some of the songs took advantage of Todd's hoarseness, especially Liar. That song is pretty hard-core done live. The ears were a'ringin' after that! One highlight that took me by surprise was the full band version of Born To Synthesize. It turned into a 10-15 minute long song with various solos and a little Jetson's them song thrown in for good luck (by the way, Kasim was pointed out as Judy!). Then, after a self-proclaimed episode of narcolepsy (Todd playing asleep at the mic and Kasim waking him up), they finished off the song.

Then they finished off the show with three one-song encores. All were done with high energy and well received. And it was nice to hear the old perennial show-closer Just One Victory finish off the evening.

If you're a Todd fan, which you are if you're on this website and reading this, it's a no-brainer. Go see the show. Try to get familiar with the songs from Liar first if you can. They are like many of Todd's songs - not always quickly palatable, but after a few listens, they grow on you and you feel yet again the power of Todd's songwriting. I was really pleased with Todd's effort and performance. I hope he keeps it up for years to come.


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4/20/2004 - Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY

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