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Total Todd Fan… seen the man and machine many times…. Caught the Liars tour in Pittsburgh ... Was a great show to witness a fantastic band... The Liars really cranked it on Superstition…. Since todd wasn’t Tell him to leave the guitar alone... and Lunatic Fringe?...Man, who thought Tom Cochrane would ever get any recognition again?.

The band is really fantastic... Prarie has to be one of the best drummers around...Kas is such a great singer and presence, Jessie is a guitar wizard.. needs to be to cover TR. Todd wasn’t on at all for his guitar work. John really adds some great keyboard work and vocals..The Stage and costumes were way cool.. hope to see you guys on Jay Leno soon... I am really digging the new Liars cd.. too bad Todd had a cold for the show... but HE is really showing his age.. tell him to buy a bowflex... lol

Keep on Rocking Soul Brother...

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4/18/2004 - Rex Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA

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