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this was about the 8th time i've seen todd in some sort of live venue. each time its always different. last night in pittsburgh was no different.

rex theatre was small and crowded. i sat on the same steel folding chair i sat on in 5th grade in elementary school assemblies. how they do that ? place was very warm; don't know how the boys on stage could take the heat from the lights with the costumes. crowd was nice, but as always one or two buttholes who just want to gab thru all the songs. most disturbing when todd is singing ballads. stay home please.

the show was pretty good. todd appeared to be having some problems with allergies or a sore throat. some difficulties hitting some notes. mistakes were made , but the show is worth seeing. good to see him in front of a band again. the musicians are excellent. very professional and basically just sounded awesome. as for todd, he might have missed some notes and made other mistakes, but his guitar was really cranked up and sounding perfect. no errors that i could tell.

stage construction was great too. enjoyed the light show and its basic construction. made it easy for all of the musicians to perform, change instruments, etc.

this is a good show, all loyal todd fans will like it.

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4/18/2004 - Rex Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA

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