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Howdy boys and girls- I went to pitts last pm with my pal john (wife gave me the nite off from the twins), roger steel and rick demchak-I ended up in front of TR front row- due to the patro-vip program..it really works! Sign up now at p-net before he gets to your neck of the woods..

How bout the show? Well I can say that the staging, lighting and concept are boss..at our show, tr really didn't have one of his better vocal nites..i think that's why the show was truncated in the second set-in fact 3 were omitted: love science, hit me like a train and worldwide were not performed and contrary to the set list posted, todd this nite- did JOV on encore 1 and only HIM on the end. By the way-I don't care what you say- first set clothes : They look like Beefheart band circa 72-73 (Jessie makes a mean zoot horn rollo).

What was key? It looks like the set list is going to be static ala NH, 2nd wind which is a bummer for us.. we may-as we did tonite -get some random by omission. this is a bummer to most of us who collect live-another concern for taping is the sound which a bit rounder than normal..makes dynamics a key concern. as for the tunes selected, we all want more liars (esp stood up) but im not unhappy but I do think there is a bit of oddity in the order of the list.

There were some moments of absolute brilliance - feel it, past (the best hook for song todd has EVER written-gotta get the label to go after it on AC format and URBAN stations)..and jov brought some to tears. the arrangement and even sounds are different in places.some sound a bit empty-hopefully on the NH stuff-more keyboard lines will appear..the synch with the digital backing was flawless except for an early end on F Christ. in general, I would agree that the band will be tighter and more confident when it rages down the right coast..i could see that there were still some areas where there was some refinement needed...liars smoked..it is a site to behold..kinda like a newer NIN..i left the best for last and that is that Jessie Gress is the star of the show..i wondered if this format would let him loose enough-when he did let loose on superstition, synth-it showed that he is now one -if not the best-modern day guitarists.. his solos were blinding speed, yet tasteful and always melodic..i don't wanna sound down, cause im not..im just kinda anxious to hear it a week from now. if I would have seen a great vocal night, it would have been better..in short and for real- this is a show you should see as much as possible-it has it all..even infidel whipped ass. the voice got a bit better during 2nd set but I could tell it was day 3 of 3..these are great times for todd fans and im tired as fuck having gotten home at 330 and in court by 9..yikes. NJ-here I come. you fuckers over in London (Urwin, Smeeg, Tutt) are going to bask in the glory of the long delayed acclaim due OH. Im jealous ..mr rogers

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4/18/2004 - Rex Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA

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