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As always, both Cleveland shows bordered as close to a religious experience as you can get. And I was thrilled that most the fans enjoyed it. You see, quite a few of the very loyal Cleveland fans seem to be living in the past. A lot of them must feel they are still at the old Agora, seeing the Back to the Bars shows. But thanks to Todd's determination and such a great band, they may have seen and heard the truth.

Just the fact that the shows were held in such a beautiful and intimate theater, in the Playhouse Square theater district, the general expectation was a pretty mellow evening.

This show and the record; Liars, is so good, you not only hear it, you feel it.

As promised, the band is really close to finding it's groove, as TR said, during the show.

I can not wait till the next show I get to see.

With all the first that TR and Utopia have been responsible for, in television and radio, it would be great if David Letterman let Todd do more than just one song.

This record needs to get out to the masses.

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4/17/2004 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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