cleveland 4-16-04

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When I go to see TODD it is with an open mind, with no expectations as to what i will see and hear, and i always end up having a great time. 

Opening with Truth, the band takes the stage and picks up with the music already in progress. Enter Todd looking like a punk Ghengis Khan/Gandalf ready to take us higher. The lighting adds atmosphere and energy to each song.

Musical highlights for the first part of the show for me was: a high intensity version of Liars that had the p.a. speakers crackling under the powerful sound, with Todd delivering the message with every molecule of his being. God Said was pyschedelic and beautiful. During "While my guitar gently weeps", on the last solo I watched as a single small white feather floated down onto the stage. I dont know if the band or anyone else saw it, but that's my realitiy.

The middle part of the show consisted of Todd solo with guitar while the band grabbed their funky threads and get it on while Todd grabs his in turn.

"For want of a nail" got the groove in order. The whole last part of the concert was like a tent revival. The light show added the back drop like electric stained glass windows. "Soul brother" was right on in every way...The philly influence was given the Todd treatment through-out the set. Cool versions of "Born to synthesize" , and "Hello, its me", and closing with "Just one victory" and " World-wide epiphany".

One of the best Todd shows i've seen. Todd remaining true to his calling, laying out the word to the wise. Inspiring the individual in us all , and taking a stand to stay free amidst all the liars of these times. The past is gone, please move along.

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4/16/2004 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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