Fri 4/16/04 Cleveland, OH - Ohio Theater

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Todd commanded the stage and the audience. With the entire floor standing and dancing in front of the stage as if it were 1975 again three fourths of the way into the show, this performance rekindled the magic that is again Todd Rundgren. The encores were nothing short of phenomenal, the entire show nothing short of brilliant. Prairie Prince and Kasim forged the foundation, Jesse Gress and John Ferenzik painted a lush landscape, while Todd took the audience by the hand for a journey through a truly legendary night of Rock and Roll.

The stage setup and lighting both clean yet futuristic, the song selections daring and the band ready, everything seemed to come together to form an indelible mark on the minds of many. Todd demonstrated regained vocal prowess, singing songs as I thought I would never again hear them sung. His stage presence was reminiscent of the Nearly Human era, with Todd often strutting from one end of the stage to the other, as if preaching a sermon. The costumes were creative, as was the wardrobe malfunction, and overall I would rate tonight's show a perfect ten.

"Liars" the CD is a wonderful addition to anyone's music collection and to Todd's long list of accomplishments. "Liars" the tour is the best thing Todd has done in over 10 years. In short, buy the CD, and see the show!

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4/16/2004 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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