Cleveland Ohio 4/16/04

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Cleveland loves Todd, and Todd loves Cleveland. This was again witnessed on Fri night at the Ohio Theater. I started the evening out very early trying to be first in line to use my VIP Passes this night, I had a total of 8 passes to use at 1 show so I knew I HAD to be first in line. We all met at the venue box office and stood our ground until we were finally put in line to go in for a meet and greet with Todd. There were at least 25 of us in the end waiting to go in so I don't know if everyone got to go but I will say that the whole VIP Pass thing went very smoothly this night! We were taken to 2 VERY small VERY hot rooms and waited for Todd to arrive, he came in immediately noticing how hot the rooms were so even tho we were told the meet and greet's would be brief Todd had to be especially brief this time, it was extremely uncomfortable in these rooms! I did get a quick pic of Todd and myself but my friend Nancy didn't know how to use my camera and cut the top off of both of our heads, hahahaha very funny pic! The show started soon after the meet and greet and because I was 5th row center I could actually hear all of the show this time around and I gotta tell you this show is getting very polished.  My only complaint, and I hope the guys forgive me for this, but the harmonies in the background vocals are still off, I suspect this is because they only had 5 initial rehearsal days to learn all of this set list, I do feel for the band on this and let me assure you that this show seems VERY polished for the time they have had to work on it! Todd's outfit for the first half of the show was awesome [pics to come] he had on this long skirt type thing, you gotta see it, very cool. One of my favorite parts of this show is the Funk Break the band plays when Todd is changing into the "Pimp Suit" what a great jam these guys do! So if you haven't bought tickets yet for this show get on the ball and get some, this will be a must see tour for any Todd fans out there!

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4/16/2004 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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