Ohio Theater 4-16-2004

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First of all, I would like to say, "thank you Cleveland". Once again you were gracious hosts and my daughters and I had a great time!!!

Back in 2002 I saw Todd a couple of times while he was touring with Hall & Oates. It was the first time I had seen him since his Second Wind tour and I was struck by the absence of his dancing and otherwise high energy stage show. Then I saw him a couple of times last year and that tour didn't lend itself to much more than his shaking various fruits and vegetables. I chalked it all up to all of us being a bit older than we were back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. I was just glad that I was able to get back out and see his wonderful preformances. Well folks, HE'S BACK!!! I read a previous review that said he's back to cutting a rug like he did back on the Nearly Human tour, and I whole heartedly agree. His show Friday night was as high energy as any I've seen.

The set list was the same as listed previously (no Love Science) and the preformance itself was incredible. Aside from an apparent glitch with "foamy" at the begining of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, the show was as tight as it gets.

And I wish I had the words and talent to describe the light show. It was unlike anything I have ever seen and will, unfortunately, spoil me for any shows that I see from this point on.

One noteable difference this night was that Todd didn't wear his yellow/orange suit from his previous shows. He wore the sharkskin? suit that he wore on tour last year. The venue, itself, was great. A 1000 seat theater with, absolutely, no bad seats. The event staff was great, allowing folks to get close to the stage and take pictures and I've never seen staff, obviously, enjoying the show as much as they were that night. 

At this time, I'd just like to take a moment to say "shame on you folks who were less than satisfied with his earlier shows"! I've seen more than a few shows of Todd's that had glitches, faux pas', and outright screw ups. One night he spent more time ranting about Milli Vanilli's Grammy than he did preforming and all that did was make me wish later that I could have seen the show right after they were busted for being frauds. My point is that all these things do is add to the character and uniqueness of the show. 

I do have to say that the biggest highlight of the evening was my daughters getting to meet Todd and the band (with the exception of Jesse) after the show. I even managed a picture of them with Todd. One of dad's proudest moments!

I also have to admit that the experience wasn't without it's disappointment. Dick's Last Resort is closed! What's up with that?

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4/16/2004 - Ohio Theater - Cleveland, OH

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