Promowest Pavillion - Columbus, Ohio. - 4/14/04

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I'm not much at writing reveiws, but I just have to rave about this show. One of the best I have ever seen! Todd has diffently done his homwork for this tour. The stage set is awesome, Lighting and all. It made me feel like I was in a cosmic cathedral (sanctuary, church) on board a golden ship headed for some new and different plane! Like somethig off the set of star trek, but much more beautiful and alive with cosmic sound! Isn't the new album awesome! I love all the new tunes. A real piece of work! Brilliant to say the least!! It was a treat to hear Feel it, and a couple more songs from Nearly Human. I was also thrilled to hear them play Fascist Christ and Temporary Sanity, two I have never heard played live. The stage set, Theatrics and songs reminded me of some of the earlier Utopia tours of 'past'. I am so glad I didn't miss this show, which I almost did. My wife and I had tickets for a month or so. We were planning to leave here ( Ashland, Ky.) by 2:00, that would give us plenty time to hook up w/ some friends, which we had plannned to meet there, and still have alittle time before the show. We hit the road, popped Liar into the cd, and we were off. That is untill the tire went flat... and wouldn't you know it, no spare. We started to freak, it was already 3:00 and here we are, stranded. Thank fate, we found this really nice guy whom I hired to take us all the way back to Ashland where I borrowed my daughter's car. Talking about being greatful. So off we were once more, no cd player, but I could live with that cause I knew we were in for a treat, and a treat it was! We finally made it, and with time to spare. After a great show, we got very lucky with one of the security guys who led us back stage where we were greeted by Kas and Prarie. Then out walks Todd. He said he wasn't feeling to well, but was still nice enough to sign my Liar disc and chat for awhile! Thanks Todd, and in spite of all the lies feeding the world right now, you sure brought an out pouring of Truth to town and at a much needed time! I highly recommend everyone see this show! ...Hey, I almost forgot, thanks Jerry Noonan for posting all the great pictures, which I'm gonna print!

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4/14/2004 - Promowest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

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