Columbus Ted and Liars Show

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My first Ted show was in 1972. I have seen Ted in every setting over 32 years and about 115 shows(average of 3.5 shows/yr for 30 yrs). Ted and the band have improved much since the first show I'm sure and they were excellent. Ted and the band are tight and will be even better in a month of so. Go to the show and bring a friend and turn them on the one of the finest musicians ever! Ted wrestles with the "Truth", and is very close most of the time. We all have a choice to make and the Truth is narrow. 2+2 =4 always John 14:6 shares the real truth and the Word of God is Truth.

I appreciated the show and effort and Ted, Kasim and Prairie and in fine form! Enjoy it while you can! It's taken 10 yrs. for Ted to focus back on what he does best for his fans!

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4/14/2004 - Promowest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

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