Columbus 4/14

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As a person who has been to more than a few concerts over the years and has been to see Todd several times I can say that the Liars tour is HOT! Beyond the wonderful reuniting of Todd and Kaz's great voices and gituars there is a powerful synergy of straight at ya rock swept along on giant waves of soul power. For those of us who live to hear those blistering Rundgren gituar solos we can only give thanks that Tood straped on his ax and played the hell out of it! In fact I've been wondering why some of the reviews are so short and now I know why. I don't know how to properly phrase what was experienced. ( Where are the Words?!) My companion for the evening was a friend who had no knowledge of Todd other than Hello, It's Me and Bang on the Drum. He was rocked and he's an Iron Maiden/Judas Priest kinda guy.

I am so very thankful that Todd was able to make this happen and that we were able to come together and share this with one and other. In the eyes of the assembled fans you could see the Light of anticipation,hope and Higher Energy that Todd's music inspires. It's a fantastic show. If you don't have a ticket yet you really need to get one! This is the Tood we've been needing!

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4/14/2004 - Promowest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

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