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About 6:00 pm we met some other fans at the bar next door, Fat Eddies [what a name] and watched as many people stood in line to get in. It is aways fun meeting other fans before the show! What great fans Todd has! As we went in I did see W!B's bookmarks from, they were presented on a table where you could buy t-shirts and c.d.'s including the "Liars" c.d., Kas' latest, one by John Ferenzik and others. The t-shirts were black and said "Liar" on them, I passed as I have already spent too much this tour!lol So the show was General Admission and we decided to wait until all had filed inside, go in and stand in back until the show started then head down front, good plan, we then went straight down to the front and ended up leaning on the stage on the right side, Todd was within an arms reach, very cool! He did shake alot of hands in the audience during the 3 song encore, making some fans night I'm sure! The highlight songs for me were Sweet and Past. God Said is a fav of mine but didn't come off perfectly this night, Feel it and Born to Synthesize were great too! The crowd was enthusiastic and Todd said it was great to back in Cols. and see some of the old faces, HEY is he calling us old????hahaha So, after a recheck of the setlist from Weavil at the Milwalkee show I see that indeed last nights show was right in keeping with those first few nights! Todd said "We're down to the details now and the show should be smooth as silk by Cleveland" I cannot wait! I know with each passing show the band will continue to get tighter as there were only a few flubs in last nights performance! How I wish I was going to see this show later in the tour, get ready guys it should be killer by then! My only complaint was there was not as much from "Liars" as I had hoped, I really wanted to hear more of those songs live with a band. And I can't possibly see how Todd can make it through the lengthy tour doing "Liar" every night, boy that's gotta hurt the vocal chords!!! The outfits in the beginning of the show are great! I assumed these are the outfits Rachel Culp helped with. But when they came back with the "pimp suits" on this was a sight to see! Kas' suit was awesome, looked to be light peach/pink and was tailored beautifully, with a shirt and tie underneath he looked soooo handsome, Jesse's suit was bright pink with bright peach Converse shoes, too cool! Todd was wearing the bright orange suit, and the bright orange shirt which looked like it could glow in the dark! The lighting is exceptional it really compliments the songs and puts plenty of light on stage at most times. The sound was great too altho I am sure from where we were standing we were not getting it all, who cares when your that close! Well, it's off to Cleveland for me Fri night, more then, Deb

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4/14/2004 - Promowest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

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