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Liars! Royal Oak Music Theatre review (photos to follow) 4/8/04 Thursday concert is 4/13/04 LOL

Earlier this week, my friend Cynthia emailed me that Todd's name was on the Marquee at the Royal and how geeked I must feel to see him there since it has been 23 years since Utopia played this venue. I was psyched! Tickets are in my pocket, VIP passes too, handing out flyers for Michele's gig in Detroit, things were too good to be true. I had planned on going down there (yesterday) Wednesday to get a pic. of the marquee, got too busy. Thursday was the day to get a pic. for Roger's site before the tour started! Thursday I got an email from Deb M. which I thought was a late April Fool's joke, Royal Oak cancelled. Ha ha ha Liars! Indeed! Next email was from Ticketmaster, show is cancelled, and they are not even refunding my 'convience' fees. Ok what kind of a joke was this? I called the venue, the phone was 'being checked for trouble' not a good sign. I drove down there, NOTHING on the marquee, no action at all, spookey actually. I went to the restaurant next door and asked the bartender if the Royal Oak Music Theatre was closed he told me YES! Another Detroit Legend is dust in the wind.

Todd's name was the last to appear on the marquee.

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4/13/2004 - Royal Oak Theatre - Royal Oak, MI

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