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It was great to see Todd doing exactly what he wanted to do. His pipes are in great shape, and this is a solid band; particularly Jesse, who amazingly channels Todd while Todd is dancing only a few feet away. He's the Liars MVP. 

I thank those who have described the set and lights, they did so quite well. The set and lights enhanced the show better than most Todd tours of recent vintage.

I concur that the new songs sounded a lot better live. Too bad they skipped the best ones. "Happy Anniversary", "Stoodup" and "Flaw" all deserved a live shot. And were definitely a few that deserved to be skipped. But that said, I thought this was the best Todd show I've seen in over ten years.

And by the way, the song the band performs sans Todd while he changes costume, the one that sounds like "Tighten Up", is actually "Loosen Up", Side 2 Cut 1 from Nazz III. Or Disc 1 Cut 1 from the Nazz Anthology. Someone had to say it...

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4/11/2004 - House of Blues Chicago - Chicago, IL

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