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This was the 3rd show for me and last......(well maybe not!). I haven't read what anyone else has said about the shows but this is my take on it. I shoot straight from the heart cuz this is the only way I know how to write. First off - the progression of the 3 shows was like a transformation for me. I LOVED the first show - warts and all. All week I was thinking - dang I wish I could peek on rehearsals - and here I was there at the first full dress rehearsal! With a 500 seat venue - mostly all the "faithful" anyway - it was quite a trip. And meeting Todd and Kasim before the show just added to the excitement. The start and stops - the messed up lyrics - it's all that human element I crave. I don't need to listen to perfect note for note renditions of the songs - I have the CD for that. Let me see the guys joke and laugh and smile! I have to say tho - I hated sitting there not being able to dance. I knew I could at the HOB - so I suffered thru it.

Saturday for me was the best of the 3 shows. The dinner with good friends - the sold out crowd - the awesome connection I made with some new friends - and the show just going alot smoother. I needed to be up and dancing and was wondering if this would be tolerated as we were mostly shoulder to shoulder. Thankfully by karma - or by luck- I got to hang with the best dancers and nicest Todd fans in the venue!! VIP status offered up opera boxes - but I have to be down in the crowd - feeling the vibe and making those connections. And that is exactly what I got here at the HOB. Yes people can complain that they had to stand, etc etc. But this is all part of the real experience of music. Being in the thick of it. Todd really seems to be into his new music - excited to present it to everyone - dancing - screaming - (and I do mean his guitar!).   Got a wave from Kasim on stage - smiles - have to let him know he's got fans too!! Yelling "Go Kasim" during the lulls. But Todd is singing and playing his heart out. Yes there are problems here and there - yes the dang puter has it's bugs - but the performance is second to none. This is no half hearted TR. He's giving it his all - with every breath - every note - and no one can ask for more than that.

Sunday was the same set list that I could tell. But as I was told - on this Easter Sunday - we were worshiping in the House of Todd today. We all wanted Afterlife and Stood-Up but might have to catch shows later in the tour for that. Also would love to hear Kasim do a song too. The band was coming together - you could feel the unity more - and getting all these great musicians together can only mean one great show. Each one is outstanding in their own right - and once they mesh - there's no stopping them. They will feed off each other and improvise - and make it all happen.

So if anyone asks me - I say RUN to get tickets to these shows. You will sing and dance and your heart will be free. You will see TR truly inspired by the music. You will see Kasim and Todd together again - this combo is unbelievable. Their voices are truly meant to sing together. And you'll feel Kasim's bass vibrating the house. Prairie is the backbone drumming and rippin during his solos.  Jesse - he's just awesome on guitar. You can see he's just so happy to be playing with TR and playing with his soul shining thru. It's amazing to watch. John on keys - keeps the melodies flowing thru your head and his fingers are flying. I even brought a friend - never heard TR before - and she TRULY enjoyed the show - the costumes - the lights - THE MUSIC!! Way cool!

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4/11/2004 - House of Blues Chicago - Chicago, IL

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