HOB 4/10/04

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First time Caller. Love your show man.

Get it? Typical sucafant call ins to those never ending BS sports show. (Go Rex, by the way, do your daddy proud)

Poor bastard that I am, I got my exposure to Ted in Tulsa, Oklahoma….off all places. There something about TR that holds on like Buffalo Grass. And I luv it. TR is like a box of chocolates….

And I’ve gone thru all these many years with nary a “friend” to sit about a kibitz about TR tunes….shame on me. The wife drags me to grateful dead shows, which, sadly, I have even come to enjoy once in a while….they are like Ted shows, a few zingers and the rest “what the hell are they playin this for”. I mean you look at the repertoireand wonder how they select the songs they do. Now why would I want to hear the Viking Song…sheesh.

I WANT to hear Caravan, Last of, (go ahead and surprise me with Sunset Boulevard)…play the new stuff a year after it has been out, so at least I know the words….otherwise it sounds like hi tek gibberish…

I go to Ted shows to get reenergized with my life…you know…the life he describes in his songs. I get to take an honest look at the shmuck that I am. But like a good coach, Ted tears ya down and then builds you up even better than before. Thank GOD he played J1V. He knows it’s our anthem and he should deliver it with all the conviction he has because, fer God’s sake…it IS the TRUTH.

Like all Tedidians, I must complain about not having an axe to play during the first set. You see I FINALLY, at age 52 (after heart surgery, etc) found a friend what likes the same kinda music as me, we play tennis and paddle and have a blast. He, of course, had not heard much Ted….so just to get him to the show, I paid for his ticket to see my hero. Naturally I was ranting and raving about how Ted will wail better than any guitar player he has seen. And when I saw on the set list that TR would play Buffalo Grass, having seen Ted with Hall and Oates last year…I knew we would get a double wail during and after the tune. A tune that is a Ted classic and if you check out the lyrics, you’ll see why. But alas, Ted’s guitar couldn’t even gently weep on that one….couldn’t even peep. Just like everybody else, I expect (and to be honest….look forward to some f-ups during a Ted show, it enforces in me that we are all only human.,..but PALEASE ya gotta have the axe ready to go. It’s like sending Rex to the plate with a waffle ball bat. And let’s make no mistake….Buffalo Grass was chosen as the number 2 song because Ted kicks ass with his axe on that one.

So poopoomadawgs, the set list would worked wonders had he been able to strut his stuff guitarically as well as vocally to really impress the friend it took me 50 years to find. Speaks volumes about me, I know. Oh well.

I was still very proud of my hero and always wish him well.

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