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The Easter bunny gave us all a big surprise Sunday night at the HOB in Chicago. A completely fantastic show featuring the best new Todd Rundgren music in years. After experiencing the Milwaukee show, watching the band members and Todd fumbling through the night (it was pretty rough, even though I still enjoyed it) ,I felt the need to give my expectations one night off and start fresh.

9 PM... I was awash with the sounds of "Truth" YES!!!! This was it!! This is how I imagined it!! It was RIGHT!! Most importantly, this was how Todd planned it!! The mix was PERFECT!! Unlike the audio mess I filtered through on Thursday, This mix just was right there. Not only that, but the boys were spot on!! I was just blown away. I loved watching Prairie The Pope's headpiece bob up and down with the pounding beat. Vocals!!!!! Background vocals provided the proper layering for Todd's voice that soared above everything in perfect harmony!! And the night continued on from there....Everything was going to be alright!!!

As compared to Milwaukee, the errors were very minor. Thursday night, a mistake was greeted with laughter, shaking heads and more often that not a complete stoppage of the tune. Sunday night was a completely different scene. Just perfect for the first 45 or so minutes, finally a missed cue with Kasim and John caused a concerened Todd to turn and gave a WTF look to the boys. No fumbling. No laughing. No awkward stoppages. Todd was DETERMINED!! And on the 3rd night....The new Liars CD was transformed from Todd alone to a full blown live show to be remembered for years to come!!

This powerful new music has now been transformed into an even more powerful live show that as far as this Todd fan is concerened, is his musical shining star!!

To those who have not seen the show yet. Get the CD!! Listen to it over and over, as it just keeps getting better with every play. Then go and bask your "live" self in the power and beauty that is Todd's Liars and you'll be glad you did.

The Easter Bunny came to Chicago on Sunday was Todd.

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