Chicago House of Blues Show 4/10

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I have been a Todd fan for many, many years. I remember being turned on to Todd by an old 45 my Mom played over and over again. Something called "Hello Its Me" It was my Mom (and my younger sister) who accompanied me to the HOB. I warned her that this concert was going to be much different from the one we saw at "The Vic" last year. New album, full band. I was right.

During the first set (pre pimp suit) I was a little uncomfortable for my Mom. The songs were great but a little too hard rockish (LIARS) for my Mom. My younger sister seemed to enjoy it. It made me wonder how many other Todd fans in my mothers age bracket were a little disappointed that Todd was taking a step away from his old, reliable material on tour. It also made me think, how many younger people in the crowd that maybe never heard of Todd would enjoying the show and saying "thos old guy can rock"

It then all came to together when Todd sang "Past" It was a moving, tear filled eyes moment for me. Maybe what Todd is referring to in this song was his own affinity to his old stuff, and how he himself had to move away from it. Or maybe that's only my interpretation. In any case he reached me like no other sang has in a long time.

Lets face it, no real Todd fan is going to complain about a concert set list filled with his classics. But time marches on. Todd has right to express himself in new ways and certainly has the right to attract a younger audience. (After all they are the ones who buy music). I hope he succeeds!

Great show! Sloppy, but heartfelt.

A little side note. After the show my Mom commented that she really enjoyed his rockin hard stuff. I guess it was me who was uncomfortable.

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4/10/2004 - House of Blues Chicago - Chicago, IL

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