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I saw the TR and the Liars crusade yesterday. I really enjoyed myself. It was weird and wonderful. There is only one TR and the real man was there last night. The band seemed to have as much fun as the audience. I saw a lot of the same old TR faces in the crowd, we know each other by sight even if we do not know each other by name.

The stage had a very ultra modern religious slant to it. Kind of a like a modern televangelist. The lighting was different. It reminded me of a 3d effect RED-GREEN-BLUE. All of the band members played and screwed up well.

I almost was not going to go, but at the last minute We decided to go and see if we could get in some way.

My wife found a man in line and got his extra unused ticket for free. He gave it to us because my birthday is 4/12. We found a scalper and bought another ticket so we were like shocked that we were actually getting into this sold out event. Thank you sir for giving me the ticket, you will be rewarded tenfold.

We found great standing room by stage left. I stole a chair for my wife (the ones with the names on it) The security man came up to us right before the show, and I mumbled something about getting the seat from back there... somewhere. Well he kindly removed my wife from the seat and gave to the rightful owner. 

I find it funny that TR was wearing an outfit that reminded me of the one worn by the creature from the movie "Hell Raiser" .

I was touched by "just one victory", and living in the "past"  ranks up there with other TR classics.

The pieces of the show fit together well. It is a great time to be a TR fan. I've been a disciple since 1977 for better or worse.

Kasim was great! I remember him doing a show at the Borders books by my house about a year ago and only like 15 people showed up, but we were blown away by his voice and musicianship. He is a great asset to TR.

Prairie is a drum god ala Wild women of wongo. We saw a outstanding performance by the TUBES at the Halstead street festival last year.

Jesse is a great guitarist and came into his own alittle yesterday. He is much more accepted in my mind as a TR guitarist now. Remember I worshiped Todd's guitar work ala OOP's wrong planet.

Ferenzik also came into his own alittle last night and did some great keyboard playing.

So I was very happy and thought the pieces fell together for this show.

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4/10/2004 - House of Blues Chicago - Chicago, IL

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