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I've been a fan since the mid 70's, and I've seen Todd so many times I can't count. This was absolutely one of my favorites, even better than seeing him by himself at the Park West god knows when . . . and at the Auditorium, in T-shirts at Alpine Valley doing the punk thing with Utopia warming up for (I can't remember), Riviera or Uptown (can't remember). . . . Through all his permutations, his core has remained the same. Like so many artists who pick up the sound of the era, you can always hear his essence through everything he does.

Yeah, there were tech glitches, but WTF - it's the beginning of the tour. Look at the pro play through it, or just start again. There's nothing to whine about, this tour is superb. Todd is in great voice, he has a great concept, and it's just simply wonderful that he's still at it. Thanks TR for coming around, Chicago loves you. Just come back every new years eve so we have something great to do!

Oh - and nobody commented at how rotten it is to go to a general admission venue where there's nowhere to sit. I'm old, but I like to sit down once in 5 hours . . . I'll avoid H.O.B., but I'd go anywhere to see TR. Great show!

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4/10/2004 - House of Blues Chicago - Chicago, IL

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