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Well, this is my first review but I have been a Ted fan for 27 years. This was my 15th show. 

I have been reading the other reviews and I just wanted to say that I thought that the show was fine. It wasn't Ted's best for Milwaukee but it was a good show.   

I was with three of my best girl friends and we had a blast just being together. 

Yes, NEW songs! YEAH! Ted's voice was great. Of course I would have liked for him to sing his old songs all night, but we heard that last year and the year before. It was great to hear new music.

I do agree with the other review. The sound system was lousy. The instruments were too loud - the mix wasn't right. 

I didn't mind the mistakes, however, I wish he would have recognized us (Milwaukee, the first city on his WORLD TOUR) more. If we were the practice gig.......... that was pretty lame. 

As far as the comments about Lunatic Fringe, I am right there with you. I think as a TR Fan, we want to hear Ted's songs when we go see him. 

All in all - I think it was a good show. Not my most memorable for Ted's performance but most memorable for my friends and the venue. The booth rocked and we had a great time. 

We keep forgetting The Band! They Rocked!!!!!! Kasim!

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4/08/2004 - Potawatomi Casino - Milwaukee, WI

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