Ted Runger, Northern Lights Theartre 4/8

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As a Ted Runger/Tedtopia fan seeing Ted in concert since 1973, it just galls me to hear people complain about this concert. Ted fans are a special breed and I truly believe those fans (like me) would just overlook some of the incidental mistakes that night. The new songs were fantastic, the band was fantastic and Ted shined like I have not seen in a long time. This show reminded me a little of the RA tour, with the stage set up he had. To me, I feel lucky to even have the opportunity to see Ted (he is not getting any younger) and especially the way He shined that night. As an added treat, we get to hear and see Kasim who's vocals always put that Tedtopia feel on every song. Then we get to see and hear the best drummer in the world Prairie Prince, his drumming just makes "Buffalo Grass" and the rest of this great band, so they had a few flubs. Doesn't hearing the great new songs make you feel good that Ted may have gotten his spark back? I don't know about you, but hearing "Just One Victory" brought tears to my eyes, HOW many years has it been since we heard that live? 12 years? and you have to admit that WWE was a knock your socks off version. If Ted is God, then Weavil is St. Peter, I saw him walking around singing every song and as usual He was there right down in front for JOV. Trust me, He loved the concert and so did all of Ted's tried and true fans, especially me.

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4/08/2004 - Potawatomi Casino - Milwaukee, WI

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