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From: EJ Haas
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 11:16:48 EST
Subject: Story on your message board from Fox news...
The article in question, though complimentary of Todd, contains at least this one factual error - rdl,2933,76813,00.html

Methinks this reporter BLOWS!

(but not as good as Todd)

You've read the reviews here at Roger's TRConnection site, mine included. Royston was NOT at the Boca Raton show. Did you see mention of him in ANY review? NO! The reporter must have (phoney)phone(called) his review into fox! I wrote fox an email....

Subj: RE:Liv Tyler's Rock Family Mended
Date: 1/29/2003 8:06:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
To whom it may concern,

Where the heck was this feature writer, Roger Friedman, when he saw this supposed Todd Rundgren show?? I was at the Boca Raton show where Todd opened for the Pretenders. There was NO Royston Langdon. Perhaps he is confusing another venue on Todd's tour like Orlando, Clearwater or Jacksonville.

Sincerely, EJ Haas

Let's see if I get a reply!
PS. yea I know Tallahasse is was early when I read the piece..but I'm more on base than this columnist is in his feature!
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 12:08:41 -0800
From: bob raymond  - r3runt

follow up to clearwater, 1/28/03

evidently some people can't distinguish between a live performance and a cd or they think the quality of both should be the same. ain't gonna happen!

if perfection is what one is looking for - better go the cd route. if a good time given by an incredible artist with feeling, fun, compassion, humor and a few flaws is what one is seeking - a TR concert can't be beat!

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 18:35:28 -0800
From: Larry and Tanya Brooks
Subject: Robert Schiffer - Tallahassee - The Moon
Todd's show at the moon was not Todd's first visit to Seminole country. I had the great pleasure of going to the greatest concert of my life when I saw Utopia at Doak-Campbell in 1977. It was the "RA" tour I think. And can you believe this? Tickets were only $6.00. Glad you enjoyed the show, I saw him the next night at the House of Blues at Disney. Seems kind of silly because I live in Panama City, Tallahassee would have been a lot closer.

Larry E. Brooks

Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 12:56:40 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Comment on reviews
Wow, I have never seen so many fans disagree on performances, some of them even on the same nights performance! I think the key here is what your expectation were going in, and apparently they differ greatly for each reviewer! I am personally thrilled to see any live Todd show so my expectations have already been met as I will see him 2 times this round! I'll post a review from both and see what differences of opinions there are these two shows! debbie Smith-Stokes
From: "Shirley Nelson" 
Subject: Review Guidelines
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 09:06:32 -0600
In the interests of making the reviews stand-alone opinions and not a forum, I propose that reviewers:

1) Do not critique other reviewers by name,
2) Do not offer point-by-point rebuttal observations against another reviewer
3) Do not attribute negative personality characteristics to those whose opinions are less than glowing.

The forum topics are the "open" venue for those sort of exchanges. However, global comments that state the range of differences in reviewers' opinions are welcome in reviews. Let's keep the reviews as stand-alone opinions.

Shirley Nelson

From: Garrett Stapleton
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 05:28:07 EST
Subject: Over & Over Again................
I saw Todd do a solo show in Boston in 1999. It dismays me after reading the set list of his current tour (and most of his solo tours since) he is basically doing the same songs. I enjoyed the Boston show (I always enjoy Todd shows), but come on TR! Who in their right mind would want to see the exact same thing year after year. I find it ironic that a world class musician, known for his chameleon-like career, would settle for performing the same show over and over. Either put together a band or change the set list. I'm not going to see this show; been there, done that! Seperate note: If you haven't read 'A Dream Goes On Forever', you're missing a great book!
From: Louanne Lisk
Subject: A Little Perspective, Please
Date: 11/19/2003
I felt compelled to write this commentary after reading the reviews both positive and negative regarding the Arizona show of 11/13/03. I have a unique perspective in that I have been married to a professional musician (not a famous one, perhaps infamous in the Chicago scene) for the past 12 years. First let me say that musicians are often born into their professions, they don't have a choice and just say..."gee, I will be a....I know...MUSICIAN!" It is more like being conscripted by the Higher Power. There really isn't a choice. It is just who you are like it or not. Secondly, when you have been a musician long enough, you have dealt with more people and more flakey people at all levels than you ever thought you would have to deal with just to "do yer thang." This is not limited to other musicians that you need to cooperate with but extends to every person involved in the business, including the chuckleheads at the clubs. People often don't run clubs because they LOVE MUSIC...they run them because they are bar owners. They count on making a lot of money selling booze. They hire "whomever" to work there as staff and often times the folks hired to run sound or generally support the efforts of the musicians that have to play there are no talent losers. These guys are hard of hearing, they are not that bright, and they are all into the ego gratification that working at the CLUB provides. So, let's just assume that some chucklehead at the club (or perhaps numerous chuckleheads) were making Todd's musician life difficult by their general ineptitude. Let's also try to put ourselves in Todd's shoes and realize that even though he plays live for a living, he hates leaving the comfort of his home and work space. Okay, now that you have those things together in your mind...let's add in the fact that this is OLD OLD OLD to him...he has dealt with so much over the years, and his patience for it is wearing thin. Also, remember that other musicians have expressed disdain for their audiences, e.g. Frank Zappa to name one of many. Is the picture starting to coalesce in your mind's eye yet? I don't find it one bit surprising that Todd let it rip backstage and onstage. People want a piece of him, an autograph, a photo-op, physical contact, blah blah blah. I will never forget one fan who shared with me that they were on the island of Kauai vacationing and actually saw him in the store, just being a human being and buying some crap that we all have to buy to keep our monkey ass bodies alive. This fan decided to leave him alone, as a kindness. THAT is what I call being a Todd fan. So, the rest of you who were expecting a piece of him and felt entitled to it because, "Dammit, I have been a fan for X number of years, I have every freaking iota of collectible audio, video, paper media, etc. on the guy..." well, my tiny violin is squeaking away on your behalf. Poor YOU! Todd traumatized you! He wasn't "available" to you when you expected it! This is all about YOU isn't it? HUH??? Whatever....people need to realize that he is just a very talented human being who can't help it that this is what he is driven to do. All I know is...he has my deepest compassion for his situation. Todd haters should just sell their freaking collections and take the money and do whatever with it they will. Go chase David Bowie around for an autograph and a photo-op. Write the President and ask for an autographed picture. Something you can brag about at yer next cocktail party...


From: Barry Tingle
Subject: More Perspective
Date: 11/26/2003
I felt compelled to write this commentary after reading the reviews both positive and negative regarding the Arizona show of 11/13/03. I have a unique perspective because I was a roadie for my best friend who was a professional musician around Dallas from 1985 to 1998. Through him I interacted during that time with Eddie Brickell & the New Bohemians. I have also met Rob Zombie and the members of the groups Rush and Yes. I have been a Todd fan since the NEARLY HUMAN tour. I'm not the oldest Todd fan around, but I may be one of the more objective of the bunch having entered the fold at such a late date. I have seen him live seven times and so I am not unfamiliar with his "presence". I began listening to Todd because of the intensely personal/spiritual nature of his lyrics. I can think of no other musical artist who has plumbed the nature of the human experience more thoroughly than Mr. Rundgren. Having said that, I must confess to being disappointed by his reported behavior in Tempe, Arizona. I seriously doubt that the reports are exaggerations because I observed similar behavior by Todd during his two nights in Dallas on the INDIVIDUALIST tour. I'm sorry if the venue was not to his liking, but that gives him no right to take it out on an adoring audience that is putting a roof over his ungrateful ass by buying a ticket to his performance and purchasing his recordings. Maybe he should review the lyrics he wrote for the song COMPASSION. I know he's only human and has bad nights, but so does everyone else. Anyone who works retail knows that you leave your problems at home and suck it up and smile when you're at work, or you get fired. Don't give me this bullcrap about being born to be a musicia n and being unable to do anything else in life. Adaptability is what makes humans the dominant species on planet Earth and from what I've read Todd has many talents. If being on the road away from his family bothers him then maybe he should take a computer programming job, so he can work in the comfort of home and be with his family at the end of every day. He does have a choice. That's why they call it freewill. The idea that a musician is a musician because he/she is above everyone else and a so called higher power left him/her with no other choice is fallacious. I'm sorry if his job is "OLD, OLD, OLD" to him, but so is mine and everyone elses. If it's so old then get another one that makes you happy if you're so miserable at your current position. I am a Todd lover, not a Todd hater. That is why such reported and observed negative behavior bothers me. Because it seems so contrary to his lyrical content and personna. I will not be selling my Todd collection, but my violin will be squeaking away on his behalf when he alienates his following to the point that they no longer make appearances at his currently sub-par performances.

a.k.a. Neon Eagle

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